About Us

A little about Mine and Your Industries LLC, AKA: Mandy Industries

Since retiring from the USCG in 2006, I have had operated several business and worked throughout the country, both privately and for construction-related firms doing safety regulations on Gov’t projects.

Why I started Mine and Your Industries LLC. I feel that there is enough room out there, that we all can make some money if we don’t get greedy. Selling domains is just a stepping stone to a larger path too include manufacturing and wholesale of products both domestically and internationally. 

I am Matthew Englert, I am retired U.S. Coast Guard member with over 20 years’ experience. I have received multiple personal awards and unit citations & retired honorably in 2006.

I was qualified as a Landing Signal Officer on the flight deck for helicopters onboard ships. Qualified boarding team member, multiple model crane operator; buoy deck supervisor, and 1st Lt. of Deck Department. I was also part of shipboard training teams for units that received numerous awards. 

I lived in NYC for five years, and become 1 of 4, FOSCR’s at Captain of the Port New York. I earned qualifications as a qualified Hazardous Material Facility Inspector for MTBE, Hydrochloride Acid, and LNG offloads at several refineries and ultra-large storage facilities. I additionally earned the position of a Search & Rescue (SAR) Coordinator in Southern California. I personally dispatched helicopters, vessels, and planes to more than 350 cases in 3 years span, at this one unit alone in So-Cal area of responsibility (AOR), and worked with several CG personnel in the Movie the “Guardian”.